5 the Proper Way to Teach Toilet Training The Little one

Toilet training or potty training is a real form of training and parenting children the right. The goal, of course so that he / she is able to pee (urinate) and defecation (BAB) as it should be. Unfortunately, this does look easier-easy to hard to do. 

Because toilet training is a step change for The Little guy. Therefore, you should know some of the right way to teach toilet training to your Little one. Curious what? Let's check out how here!

The Right way to Teach Toilet Training

The first step you need mommy to do is make sure if your Little one is already prepared to undergo the toilet training. Therefore, the development of the ability of each child will vary, including to be able to dispose of the water in the toilet. In addition, the mothers also need to know the signs that baby is ready for toilet training, namely:

Dry diaper when you wake up or after 2-3 hours of usage.

Can already sit upright.

The child is able to show the expression of the time of holding pee or CHAPTER.

've not defecate in diapers at night.

The Little one CHAPTER at the same time every day, or at an unexpected time.

The child is able to take off and put on pants and be able to tell mom if you want to waste water.

If some of the signs are already visible, the following are the steps that need to be mothers do to teach your Little one, among others:

1. Select the Words Appropriate

When you want to start teaching your Little one to potty training, mothers need to first decide which words will be used to describe the dirt of her body. In order to avoid a negative connotation, make sure the mother is not using words such as dirty or smelly.

2. Prepare Equipment

Furthermore, the mother can put the toilet seat for toddlers in the bathroom or in which The Little one often spends his time. When introducing your Little one will be the toilet, make sure the mother also explained simple terms and positively related toilet and the purpose of its use.

3. Schedule Toilet Training

Ask the child to sit in the seat of the toilet without a diaper for a few minutes with an interval of two hours. Do this first in the morning and right after The Little one wakes up from his nap. When The Little guy was sitting on the toilet, the mother can also read books or play toys with him so he felt comfortable.

4. Help the child to get Accustomed with the Sign of the Waste Water

If your Little one shows signs to use the toilet like a squat or stretched, immediately take him to the potty or the chamber pot. Mothers need to help a child to get used to the signal-the signal.

5. Explain Hygiene

In addition to introduce them to the toilet, mothers also need to explain why keep cleaning after defecation is very important. For example, if the mother has a daughter, then the mother needs to teach a Little one to wipe the intimate area from front to back. The goal is to prevent germs from the rectum to the entrance to the vagina or bladder. In addition, be sure to teach the children to always wash their hands in accordance waste water.

Then an explanation of how to toilet training that can mothers do to train The Little guy. Starting from choose words that are appropriate to help the child to get accustomed with the sign of the waste water. If the child is not wetting the bed during the day the sign was already ready to no longer use diapers. Nevertheless, if The Little guy back bedwetting without showing a sign of waste water, then let himself to re-use the diapers.

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