Ovaobike CR-21, Cafe racer Electric from Taiwan

Taiwanese motorcycle brands, Ovaobike, was kicked off the floor EICMA, Milan 2021 with display electric motor type of sport that Ovaobike CR-21. Quote Greatbiker, it looks interesting with the concept of the cafe racer modern. The Motor made a muscular style naked but equipped with the heart of the millennial namely electricity.

The exterior is quite prominent with a sharp design. Round headlights, handlebars hunchback with mirrors at the ends of the handlebars. The chassis trelis with subframe rear made floating. Front suspension upside down the diameter of 41 mm and a single shock absorber at the rear. Rim front rear 17-inch braking system, use Brembo and dual channel ABS.

In terms of power, Ovaobike CR-21 is equipped with an electric motor 11 l × w × h which produces 15 kindergarten or equivalent petrol motor with a capacity of 150cc-200cc

Ovaobike CR-21 is claimed to run up to speed 128,7 kph. The battery is able to produce a maximum range of up to 230 km if the ground speed of 48 kph. Ovaobike has not released the official selling price but said it is looking for dealers in Europe in the early 2022, and hope the bike will go on sale before the end of the second quarter of next year.

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