Recognize Factors That Can Damage Skin

There are so many skin health problems that you may have experienced, such as acne, black spots, dry skin, to signs of premature aging. No wonder most people choose to do skin care to be able to overcome these problems, while maintaining healthy skin and making skin look brighter naturally.

Unfortunately, the skin care you do may not necessarily provide maximum results. The reason is, to be able to treat and maintain healthy skin, first you need to know what factors are causing damaged skin. So, you can determine the right treatment choice and the results will be maximized.

Factors That Cause Damaged Skin

According to the explanation of dr. Anindita Athaya Putri as in the Halodoc Instagram account, there are many factors that can cause damaged skin, including:

External Factors

The causes include external factors, such as excessive sun exposure, free radicals, exposure to heat and blue light, pollution, alcohol, cigarettes, and the use of cosmetic products that are not in accordance with skin health conditions. The bad effects of free radicals and sunlight can damage the skin to the deepest layers.

Meanwhile, UV A rays can also penetrate the dermis layer of the skin. Finally, in the long term can result in premature aging. Then, UV B rays can cause redness on the skin, and free radicals can cause a decrease in skin elasticity, wrinkles, brown spots, or spots appear.

Finally, excessive exposure to heat and blue light from electronic objects such as gadgets can lead to hyperpigmentation and potentially cause wrinkles. Signs of premature aging itself can also occur due to bad daily habits, such as too long interacting in front of a cellphone or computer screen, exposure to heat while cooking, and excessive sugar consumption.

Internal factors

Then, there are also causes of damaged skin originating from internal factors, namely hormones, genetics, stress, lack of sleep, and dehydration. The emergence of acne, dull skin, oily there are caused due to hormonal problems or it could be due to genetics. This is why caring for the skin is not enough from the outside.

Caring for the skin so it is not easily damaged

The skin itself is divided into three layers, namely the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous. The use of beauty products only nourishes the epidermis, meanwhile if you want to get healthy skin, you must treat it to the deepest layer.

You can do skin care from the inside by getting used to a healthy lifestyle and diet, and last but not least, taking supplements that support skin health and beauty. Supplements containing vitamin E are needed because only consuming fruits and vegetables is not able to meet the nutritional needs of the skin.

Vitamin E itself is good for maintaining a healthy body. The content of antioxidants is able to ward off free radicals while helping to increase the body's immunity.

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