Pros and Cons of Used Mazda Biante, JDM MPV whose price is now equivalent to LCGC

The Mazda Biante name may not be as famous as the Toyota Voxy, Alphard, or Nissan Serena. Even though this boxy MPV comes with quite complete features, similar to units sold in Japan. After nearly a decade, is this used Mazda Biante still worth buying?

It's a bit unfortunate because the Mazda Biante's journey in the High MPV segment in Indonesia is indeed quite short, from 2012 to 2018. Now the Biante is only available in used units on the market.

This Biante brings the distinctive taste of the Japanese Domestic Market aka JDM whose design is bold and attractive. Before discussing this further, let's first compare the price range of this used Biante. In the market, the price of the Biante starts from IDR 130 million for the standard type to IDR 230 million for the Skyactiv type. The price of the standard type is more or less similar to the price of the LCGC car.

Biante currently has two variants, one variant is Biante and another variant is Biante Skyactiv. The design is aggressive with many bold lines that flow according to Nagare's design language.

The Nagare design language has been abandoned by Mazda for their product line. Currently, the design applied to Mazda's new cars is KODO. The design is not excessive, with a thin spoiler that makes the rear side seem spacious.

Mazda Biante is recommended for those who seek comfort and a spacious cabin. Affordable prices, stubborn engines, luxurious designs, spacious cabins, but what about the weaknesses in a used Mazda Biante? Let's go deeper.

Going backwards, this Mazda Biante is actually the successor to the E2000 that was popular at the end of the 1990s. In 2008 Mazda released the Biante for Japan. Using the same configuration as the E2000 generation (8-seaters, FWD, 2xxx displacement), but with a new platform.

It's no exaggeration to compare the comfort and luxury of this Biante no less than the Toyota Alphard in the same year. The reason, used Biante is sold at a more affordable price.

The design is still quite modern, especially on the side glass that looks very broad. This Biante seems to have no pillars when viewed from afar, the roof and body seem to be only separated by glass.

This is because the side pillars adhere to the concept of blackout, or solid black like glass. Pillar A for example, the size of the glass is wide in and directly connects to the headlamp. This Nagare concept makes the airscoop design on the bumper look like a big smile, sweeter because it doesn't curve up like the Yaris.

Mazda Biante, Comfortable for Driver and Passenger

In the Mazda car line, the Biante is more inclined to the side of comfort than performance. The legs that are quite sturdy are also one of the advantages of the Mazda Biante. The weakness is limited to shockbreaker which starts to weaken due to age.

The sitting position in the driver's seat is quite high, supported by a large and flexible windshield, especially when looking in the rearview mirror. The high ceiling design makes us look like bus drivers. The right steering wheel is neither too heavy nor too light.

This is also supported by the suspension which is also quite soft compared to the Mazda 6, CX-5, Mazda 5, especially the MX-5. The unsteady character is not as bad as compared to the Toyota NAV1 or Alphard (2015).

With an affordable price, we as Biante buyers get adequate features such as GPS entertainment made by Alphine, including a 10 inch TV monitor. The lighting of this car is also quite modern because it has been supported by Xenon HID Lamp at the front and LED at the rear.

From the convenient side, there are additional Nano Filters in the air conditioner, such as Plasmacluster. More fun and healthy in the midst of unhealthy conditions like today.

Another interesting thing is that all the seats of this car are ultra-seat. Many seat configurations can be adjusted, and the second and third row seats can be reclined at will. This is because the rails are together 2/3 the length of the vehicle.

Weaknesses of the Used Mazda Biante, the Luxury Features Are Less Abundant

The term rego gowo rupo or there is a price there is clearly applicable everywhere, including when we choose a car. The Mazda Biante caste is actually still under the Toyota Alphard so its features are also not as luxurious as the Toyota flagship MPV.

Quoted from the Seraya Motor forum, the absence of a panoramic roof also makes the top look plain. Another thing that makes the Biante taste bland is its all-embracing features.

For example, the Biante is keyless but there is no ignition button. In addition, the interior has minimal soft touch because there are still many hard plastic panels. The seat rails must also be covered with additional carpet so that it does not look like the bus floor.

The interior and dashboard design is quite a contrast to the exterior, boring, feels out-dated, and not luxurious. There are no luxury accents such as chrome panels or wood panels. Just an ordinary dashboard that shows plastic material.

In addition, the parking brake is still manual which is positioned at the foot and not the electric button, so that it interferes with driving comfort for those who are not used to it. For those of you who are used to carrying European cars from the 90s, you may be familiar with this kind of parking brake.

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