List of New Features in One UI 4 from Samsung

Samsung brings a variety of update features to their smartphone operating system, namely One UI 4 which can be used on the Galaxy S21 series including the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The updates include new customization options, privacy features, and access to Samsung's ever-evolving ecosystem.

"We're not going to stop there. Soon, other smartphone and tablet users will also be able to take advantage of this software update, having a smoother experience across our entire ecosystem," said Executive Vice President and Head of Software Platform Team at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics Janghyun Yoon in a press statement, Friday (11/26/2021).

Here are some One UI 4 updates you need to know starting with the new customization options.

Samsung brings a variety of the latest Color Palettes to choose from, you can change the look and feel of the changes from the home screen to icons, menus, buttons, and backgrounds.

The One UI User Interface features simplified interactions and a clean and elegant design.

With One UI 4, you'll get customization options at every turn. For example, like a redesigned widget that offers more detailed customization, expressing your unique style on a smartphone feels very easy.

The redesigned and improved widget offers deep customization from visibility to appearance.

You can also put important widgets on the Lock screen such as a calendar to check your schedule at a glance to Voice Recorder to record ideas that pop up suddenly, without needing to open the lock screen.

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