Claim Hundreds of Free Primogems, Genshin Impact Redeem Code27 November 2021

The redeem code for November 27, 2021 in the Genshin Impact game can be used by players to get interesting items such as Mora or Primogems for free.

Usually, these items can only be purchased through the in-game shop or completing certain missions.

However, with the redeem code November 27, 2021, Genshin Impact players don't need to spend money to get it.

Here are some Genshin Impact redeem codes for November 27, 2021 that players can still claim based on videos uploaded by Neeiz Gaming and Roixy Dragony YouTube channels:








To use the redeem code for Genshin Impact 27 November 2021 is very easy. There are two ways to claim the prize, namely through a PlayStation account and directly from the Genshin Impact website.

Here are two ways that players can claim prizes using the Genshin Impact redeem code:

1. Genshin Impact official site

Access the official Genshin Impact Code Redemption website or visit Then log in with the player's miHoYo ID.

After that, select the server that is adjusted to the player's account > enter the character's nickname and fill in the Genshin Impact redeem code 27 November 2021 above in the Redemption Code box. Next, click the Redeem button.

2. PlayStation

Open a Genshin Impact account on PlayStation, select Settings > Account > click the Redeem Now option > enter one of the Genshin Impact redeem codes above > click Exchange.

If successfully claimed, the prize will be sent via in-game email. From there, players will get free prizes that can be collected by pressing the Claim All button.

Players are expected to immediately claim the Genshin Impact redeem code on 27 November 2021 because each code has a usage time limit or limit. Have a nice play!

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