6 Reasons Why Don't Use Adsense To Monetize Your Blog

1. It takes a long time to earn

Like looking for a needle in a haystack, the blog monetization timeline with Google AdSense takes quite a long time.

Three months is the average time it takes for a blog to start generating revenue.

2. The Registration Process Is Easy

Since the beginning of entering Indonesia, Google AdSense is known to have strict regulations regarding the verification and registration process.

As for the past few years, Google AdSense has been noted to have tightened the selection of bloggers who can advertise by adding a 'review add site' system and ad restrictions.

3. Ad Script Slows Down Blog

When you already have a Google Adsense account, then you need to enter a special code into the blog structure so that the ads can appear optimally.

Not just one line of code, publishers and bloggers usually install ad code scripts up to 3-4 times on one page depending on the number of ad banners you want to display.

In fact, the existence of ad scripts that continue to stick makes the server load heavier, so usually blogs/websites with ads will be slower to access than websites without using ads.

4. Prone to Banned For Too Many Rules

For senior bloggers, of course, you are familiar with the phenomenon of mass AdSense banned.

Yes, from the past until now the Google Adsense platform is known to be prone to being disabled or banned due to TOS violations or invalid traffic.

We may appeal to suspend the current account and balance if the unilateral decision is judged to be a mistake.

However, the chance of recovery is still very small and has the potential to happen again in the future.

Are you ready to take this uncertain risk?

5. More Adblocker Users

From year to year, the number of users of the ad blocker feature is increasing.

In fact, according to the conclusions obtained from the latest study data entitled "2020 Adblock Report", it is confirmed that mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) dominate more than PC users.

This news is certainly not good for bloggers and publishers because the potential for displaying banner ads such as Google AdSense automatically becomes smaller.

Imagine, if you are a blogger who is just starting a career and there is no income from advertising. Your enthusiasm will certainly immediately decrease because it is not as expected.

6. Ads Make Readers Go

For some people, blogging is a priceless pleasure. Because through writing we can share stories, knowledge, or insights for many people to read.

With Google Adsense ads, we indirectly direct visitors to leave the content that we create.

This is not good in terms of SEO rules because every visitor who comes is expected to stay as long as possible by opening many internal pages.

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