10 Reasons why Google Adsense is rejected and how to overcome it

Google adsense submissions are rejected, because the website is considered to still do not meet Google's standards to be able to display ads. Advertisers also want their ads to appear on websites and pages that are clean, quality, and competent.

Maybe we've tried our best to create an attractive website. But when it comes to monetization by placing Google adsense ads, our application is rejected outright. Why?

Adsense approval by Google is sometimes full of mystery, every website can be treated uniquely. The reason for the rejection of adsense is also never clearly explained, it could be for one reason or many reasons.

Here are 10 reasons why your Google Adsense application was rejected.

1. Problematic content

Content is the king, yes, content is the main consideration to be accepted or rejected in the Google Adsense application. Some of the problems that make adsense rejection of content and website content with ad submissions are:

duplicate / plagiarism : content that is not original, copy paste, duplicate, plagiarism, translated content (translate), AGS (Auto Generated Content). All of these are content that does not provide added value, and is meaningless. Not only for writing, but also for copyrighted images that are used without permission. Reasons for rejection for example: "Valuable inventory: Scraped content".

Illegal content: violent content, hoaxes, pornography, gambling, pirated, and other bad or illegal things. Reason for rejection: "content policy violation".

minimum post : Reason for rejection: “thin content, no added value”. This is due to meaningless content or websites. Could be because the content of the website is still too little. Or also because the content is of low quality and does not provide any information, or the content is too short.

Some types of websites can make agreements more complicated, for example online store websites, because basically the website aims to get visitors to click on products, not ads. Or a religious niche website, because it can bring up biased/ambiguous ads.

2. Website Age

Although there are no written rules, most websites that are accepted on Google Adsense are usually 6 months and over. Countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia seem to be among the countries that are subject to stricter supervision. Maybe because there are lots of websites and adsense accounts being traded, including flipping sites. Especially now, where a lot of people are signing up for Google Adsense, so new website owners have to be patient.

3. Under 18 years old

Google adsense accounts are not for those under 18 years old. Google accounts can be created for those aged 13 years and over. But for adsense has a different age criteria with a regular Google account.

4. Duplicate adsense account

In addition to that, what bloggers often complain about is the duplicate-account when registering for google adsense. This is not / not related to the problem with the website, but because one person can only have one google adsense account. The old adsense account must be closed first, before you can apply with another adsense account.

This problem can also occur because several I use the same IP or computer, because they are at home, so they are considered interconnected. If this is the case, we recommend using a different device and network.

5. Website down

The website must be active and accessible. If the website is often down for a long time, or maybe it blocks certain countries that Google happens to use for verification, then it is unlikely to be accepted. Use a qualified web hosting or VPS hosting.

6. Traffic / Visitors

Traffic is not correlated with adsense approval, which means that even with minimum or zero vistors/visitors we can be accepted. And zero traffic or visitors is better than fake traffic.

Traffic that comes to the website also affects the quality of the website. Low traffic quality usually comes from buying traffic, exchange platform traffic, traffic bots/spam. Traffic from social media can also sometimes be categorized as low quality, many use the click bait method, so that visitors only enter briefly and leave immediately.

Google doesn't want ads to be impressed or clicked by low-quality traffic that isn't actually interested in the ads.

7. Adsense code

Even though it's easy to install the adsense publisher code, many forget it. But now it seems that the google adsense registration mechanism already requires the code to be installed before it can be verified. How to install the adsense code is quite easy and fast, and make sure the code installed is correct.

8. Website design

We recommend that you tidy up the design and appearance of the website before signing up for Adsense. Navigation menu that is organized and not misleading, clean display, will make the chances of being accepted are greater. Unnecessary and annoying pop ups should be removed. Make sure the website is neat and easy for visitors to see and use, so that it is suitable for advertising.

There is no particular theme template that can guarantee adsense, as long as it looks clean, organized and clear, then our chances of being accepted are greater.

9. Additional pages

There are several additional pages that need to be made to make the website more clear and professional. Of course the about me/about us page, which contains who is behind the website, its purpose, and other information.

Including the ease of contacting the website, you should create a special page for "contact us".

Another addition that needs to be made is the privacy policy page, which can also be added with terms and conditions. Privacy policy is usually already built-in from WordPress, just publish it. Or if you want to create a new one, you can use the terms and conditions generator, by entering the correct information.

By adding this page, our website will become more competent and responsible.

10. Flagged websites

This occurrence is rare, but it can be a problem. Before buying a domain/website, we should check whether the website has been used or not, and what is its status. If the website/domain has been banned, then we will experience the same thing. To see the history of the contents of the website, you can check it at: archive.org, and for google actions you can check it from search.google.com >> security & manual actions (only if the website has been registered).

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